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Residential - 1 Year Limited Warranty

We provide a one (1) year warranty from the date of completion, on workmanship only.

There is no warranty against shade variation, staining, scratching or wear on natural stone surfaces. All merchandise is sold “AS IS” condition and there are no warranties of any kind for natural stone. Normal housekeeping is the best way to maintain your granite. Clean your stone after each meal or countertop use. If a person cleans after each meal, there is very little possibility of ever staining the granite countertop. Clear warm water or a stone cleaner can be used to remove surface scum, food and/or any other deposits left on the surface. No other soaps, detergents, or cleaners should be used on the stone.

Oil is the enemy.

Of particular hazard to stone are oils, fats, grease, and products containing these types of items. Extra care should be taken to avoid products with grease residues being exposed to your natural stone for prolonged periods of time. Please avoid water and other liquids to puddle on the countertop surfaces, which could leave rings or other marks.

Avoid acidic liquids.

Never allow acidic liquids such as vinegar, lemon juice, bathroom cleaners, or other household items to come in contact with your natural stone. Marbles and quartzite are espescially vulnerable to acids and can be damaged through etching. On certain materials this damage is irreversible and costly in cases where restoration can be achieved.

Your natural stone countertops are NOT sealed when you purchase them.

The purpose of a sealer is to increase stain resistance so that the natural stone repels dirt and water. The sealer penetrates the stone, thereby, reducing absorption of dirt and staining agents. Sealing will not eliminate all staining. Spills should be wiped off immediately to prevent stains from settling into the stone. It is recommended to apply sealers periodically. A sealer made specifically for marble, quartzite and granite must be used. Use a type of sealer that is penetrating (invisible) and does not leave a film on the surface.  We have different options of sealers for protecting your stone.  Ask your sales associate for details.

Heavy weight can stress countertops.

Countertops are not a structural support product. Avoid placing heavy weight on the countertops and especially placing stress on the thin strips in front of the cook top and sink. Never stand or sit on top of your stone counters. This can put too much stress on the material causing it to crack.

Warranty - Residential
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